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Income is your greatest asset. All your bills like food, clothing, mortgage, car, insurances, children educations etc. are paid through your income. Your lifestyle depends upon the income .If there is no income you cannot do anything in life. Your regular incomes keeps your life run at a fast pace. Sometimes your ill- health or maybe an accident puts a break in your life style. Most often in these situations comes uninvited and you are forced to stay away from your work and you find it really hard to cope up with the situation. The moment your income stops, you are forced to compromise on your lifestyle. Income protection plans allow you to maintain your same lifestyle and fulfil your household responsibilities, pay all your bills. This is the only bill which will pay all your bills when the need arises.

How I and my family going to get benefit from Income protection plans


The income protection plan covers your income when you are not able to work because of your illness. You keep receiving your regular income from the insurance company so that your family does not suffer; you can accomplish your financial obligations and maintain your same lifestyle as always.


Types of Income Protection Plans

  • Agreed Value: 55% of your income

  • Indemnity Value : 75% of income


Experienced advisors at Trust Insurance can help you in finding the right Income Protection plan for you and your family. Our advisor reviews your needs and provides you an unbiased suggestion on the Income Protection plan which suits your needs. The adviser will give you a free competitive quotation from all the major companies in the market* and will run through to the entire Signup process, which usually is very poor. Our advisors help you with cost vs benefit analysis of your existing insurance as well.


Hints to buy Income Protection Plans

  • By choosing to longer wait period can help reduce your premiums.

  • By choosing shorter payment term will reduce premiums or by splitting the cover can help reduce premiums.

  • Look for specific injury claims, retraining benefit & bed confinement benefits

  • Look for return to work bonus.

  • Look for a dependent relative benefit

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