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There are people / tools available who can predict what's going to happen in weather condition in a few days, the sun rise / sun set time and one can plan what time the train starts and reaches its destination. But, can you do this with your life. Do you know for how long you will not fall ill or how much of money you would be earning 3 years from now? How much would be your expenses and what would be the demands of your loved one.


Has your life covered for all the things which you cannot predict, other than knowing the fact that existing needs will increase and a new one will also arise as the time passes? Your Life cover policy can ensure you of covering all these needs even if you are not with your loved ones.

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How I and my family going to get benefit from the Life Insurance policy


In case of your premature death, your family, dependents or nominated beneficiaries can get lump sum or a monthly payment to ensure your family is protected from financial burden and can pay for mortgage, monthly expenses, education for children and their marriage.


What all you can get covered?


Life insurance policy covers you for

    • Premature or natural death

    • Accidental death

    • Death due to any reason

    • Suicide (13 months wait period is applicable)

How to get yourself covered?


Experienced advisors at Trust Insurance can help you in finding the right life insurance policy for you and your family. Our advisor reviews your needs and provides you an unbiased suggestion on the life insurance policy which suits your needs. The advisor will give you a free competitive quotation from all the major companies in the market and will guide through to the entire signup process, which normally is very short. Our advisors help you with cost vs benefit analysis of your existing insurance as well.


Hints to buy Life Insurance Policy

  • Legal and financial obligations

Types of Life Insurance Policy


  • Rate for age - premium goes up every year as the age goes up.

  • Level Policy - Premiums are fixed for up to age 65 years or to age 80 years. Premium does not increase.

  • Premium Back Policy - After 20 years, your premium will be refunded, if nothing goes wrong.


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