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Health is wealth!!! In fact health is the biggest wealth one can have in the whole life. But we do fall ill often despite how much fit we are. We still need to pay our medical bills from time to time for any minor or major illness.


Ill health can impact you and your family member’s personal life, lifestyle, Social life and earning ability. Public health support system is New Zealand is good, but due to long waiting it is difficult to access treatment when required the most. Approaching private health care is very easy but very expensive more and more people want to get treatment when required rather than wait in the queue . Private health care is increasing very rapidly and becoming very expensive because it is difficult to access public health care. Private medical is getting expensive due to medical advancement and the latest technology.


How I and my family going to get benefit from Health Insurance


The health insurance policy covers yours and your families medical expenses* and safeguard you from uncertain medical bills. Having an assurance of all your medical bills being paid, you can plan your finance effectively without any unexpected burden and enjoy the life to the full.


What all you can get covered?

  • Overseas treatment

  • Surgical and non-surgical treatments

  • Specialist visits

  • Non subsidizes drugs

  • Medical tourism (Treatment covered overseas)

  • Diagnostic procedures

  • Cover in Australia & New Zealand

Types of Medical Insurance

  • GP and Hospital Plan - covers day to day General Practitioner (GP) + prescription charges and hospitalization charges.

  • Hospital Plan - Covers only hospital charges. Optional benefits - Dental / Eyesight + Specialist.


Experienced advisors at Trust Insurance can help you in finding the right medical insurance policy for you and your family. Our advisor reviews your needs and provides you an unbiased suggestion on the medical insurance policy which suits your needs. The adviser will give you a free competitive quotation from all the major companies in the market and will guide through the entire process, which usually is very poor. Our advisors help you with cost vs benefit analysis of your existing insurance as well.


Hints to buy Medical Insurance Policy

  • You can bring your premium down by increasing the excess

  • Always take specialist option

  • Always take coverage which provides overseas coverage

  • Always look for a policy which gives gives more benefits

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