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Critical Illness never calls you before it arrives. Critical illness is an uninvited guest in our life. In today's world, everyone's lifestyle is very busy and our chance of getting struck by a critical illness like heart attack and cancer stroke or paralysis has increased over the years. With today's medical technology, we have bigger chances of survival. But are we prepared for the financial loss which comes with critical illness? Trauma insurance provides you a lump sum payment you are surviving the major condition listed in the policy wordings.


How I and my family going to get benefit from Trauma Insurance


Trauma Insurance covers provides you with a lump sum amount. The amount received in claim can be used multifold; for cost of medical treatment, loss of income due to condition, paying off your mortgage & debts, paying your household bills and many more. You no need to worry about your income source and household expenses when you are recovering from critical illness.


Types of Trauma Insurance policies

  • Accelerated Trauma: This cover is accelerated from your life cover means the claim amount will be deducted from the life insurance amount.

  • Standalone Trauma: This cover is standalone from your life cover means the claim amount will not be deducted from the life insurance amount

Trauma insurance covers you for 40-45 major critical illnesses. If you are diagnosed and survive more than 14 days of the covered diseases / illness, for the first time during your Trauma Insurance, the insurance company will pay you a lump sum amount so that you can recover your health without being worried about your income and household expenses.



Experienced advisors at Trust Insurance can help you in determining the right Trauma insurance policy for you and your family. Our advisor reviews your needs and provides you an unbiased suggestion on the Trauma insurance policy which suits your needs. The adviser will give you a free competitive quotation from all the major companies in the market* and will run through to the entire Signup process, which usually is very poor. Our advisors help you with cost vs benefit analysis of your existing insurance as well.


Hints to buy a Trauma Insurance policy

  • The trauma cover should have maximum conditions covered and not 10/12 conditions only.

  • Should be on a standalone basis

  • If accelerated should have life buy back selected.

  • Should have trauma buy back option selected i.e. multi condition and multi claimable.

  • Some companies offer free trauma cover for children between the age of 0-18 years.

  • Some companies built in Total permanent disability  in their trauma cover.

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